Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Relay For Life Events in Arizona

As it begins to heat up in Arizona, our Relay season begins to wind down.

To all of the volunteers who have participated in past Relays, we want to say a huge THANK YOU and let you know how much we appreciate all of your hard work and support for the American Cancer Society.

There are several Relay events taking place in a community near you in the coming weeks. There are more events scheduled this fall and you can always find a Relay near you. We invite you to come out and join us as we Celebrate survivors, Remember those we have lost, and Fight Back against this disease by working with elected and appointed officials to ensure that cancer remains a top local, state and national priority.

May 7:

May 14:

June 4:

June 5:

June 11:

Our goal is to create a world where more people survive cancer so they can celebrate another birthday. This year more than 11 million people will be able to do that thanks to the support of millions of dedicated Relay participants.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Power Of Purple

Communities across America, from big cities to small towns, are ready to turn purple. Help your community get ready to participate in the Relay event by spreading the word about Relay For Life in your school, your workplace or any place where people gather. It's an opportunity to invite others to take up the fight.

Sharing the Power of Purple is easy and fun! Just hang up some purple decorations, wear your favorite Relay gear or purple shirt, even screw a purple bulb into your porch light. Show your purple pride in all you do! You can pick a day to make a splash in your community, or you can encourage other Relay participants to keep the purple going until the day of your event.

Check out these Power of Purple Toolkits for ideasYou can find a list of upcoming Relay For Life events on the Relay For Life website. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers and communities for your continued support!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Are You Ready To Relay?

Relay For Life is an emotional, inspiring and fun event. It can be an even a better experience for Teams who have planned ahead and are ready to have a great time. You can always refer back to the the Celebrate.Remember.Fight Back Guidebook to make sure everything is set for your Relay.

Over the past few weeks, we've discussed everything leading up your “Relay Day.” To elevate your experience and that of your team members, there are just a few last things that you need to do to have a great time.

Jot down this last “to do” list:
  • Give everyone a job
  • Make a list
  • Get creative
  • Stay all night!

  • Team Captains: Your team needs some R&R. Not Rest and Relaxation just yet, but Roles and Responsibilities.

    When everyone has a role on your team several things happen:
    • Each of your team members feels important – and feels as though he can personally contribute to the success of the team.
    • It makes their experience better – and yours – when everyone has a role.
    • Your team members will be more committed when they know that others are counting on them.
    • It gives everyone a reason to come to the event – and stay at the event.

    • You may want to divide up food items – one person brings chips. Another could bring sandwiches. Someone else could bring beverages. There will be food and other items available for purchase from other teams, but you will still want to have your own snack food at your campsite, too.

      Many of the basic human needs are covered at Relay like water and restrooms, but most Relayers also like to have some creature comforts like lawn chairs, sleeping bags, sunscreen and a tent. And you never know when you’re going to need an umbrella – so bring that, too. And don't forget to bring coolers, snacks, blankets, flashlights and bug spray.

      Throughout Relay there are activities and entertainment for participants of all ages – and those continue long after dark. Be sure that your team is involved in the fun and games. And if your Relay has team sponsored fun, encourage your team to host one of the activities like “Relay Idol”, Mr. Relay, scavenger hunts, face painting, tug of war, a dunking booth – or anything else you’d like to bring to Relay.

      Thank you for your dedication and passion in this fight. Remember, the dollars you are raising will save more lives right here in your community. And that’s certainly something worth fighting for.

      Thursday, April 8, 2010

      What Is Your Campsite Theme?

      Now that you’re signed up for your local Relay For Life, you’ve gathered your friends and family to help raise money and walk, you just need to determine a fun team theme!

      There is typically an overall theme for your Relay For Life event, and teams are encouraged to create a "team theme". While campsite themes are a fun part of the Relay For Life experience, participating is optional. All decorations must be safe and need to fit within your allotted campsite area. In addition, they must be set up and removed by your team. Remember not leave behind any items that you have brought in to decorate your site.

      Here are a few ideas for themes and make sure to check out the Team Captain Toolkit for a complete list of suggestions!

    • Survivor Theme: Dedicate your site to a survivor, with their picture and favorite things as your logo.
    • Take Me out to the Ballgame: Each team could dress up as a Major League Baseball team.
    • Aloha Theme: Palm trees, swimming pool.
    • Pick a state theme and do everything around that – here are some examples:
    • -- California – Build your theme around San Francisco (Cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge) or Hollywood (movie stuff), etc.
      -- Kansas – Do a Wizard of Oz theme!!! Have a Dorothy on your team, a Toto, and so on!
      -- Louisiana – Build your team theme around the Mardi Gras! And New Orleans – Pass out beads on the track each lap, and so on!
    • Viking Ship theme: Dress with blond braids, horned hat, breastplates. Finally a chance to be a Viking king or queen!

    • Each Relay is different and unique, so make yours fun and have a wonderful time! THANK YOU to everyone for all of your support and good luck with your events!

      Wednesday, April 7, 2010

      Are You Up For The Challenge?

      A few weeks ago we made a simple request of our American Cancer Society Relay For Life participants: send an email a day for one week asking for friends, family members, and co-workers to make a donation to support your Relay fundraising efforts.

      That week we saw a noticeable boost in donations for this year’s Relay For Life, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you who took part in our “challenge.” Because of you, we are saving lives and creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

      With so many upcoming Arizona Relay events including Arizona State University and Gilbert on April 16 , we’d like to try it one more time! Can you commit to sending at least one email a day every day between now and the night of your Relay, asking for support from your friends, family members, and co-workers?

      As you’re sending emails, be sure to share how every donation helps the American Cancer Society save lives by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and fighting back against the disease.

      While you’re in your Participant Center (on your specific Relay event's webpage) be sure to check for any last-minute updates for this year’s Relay For Life.

      Thanks for all you do and for your commitment to the American Cancer Society!

      Monday, April 5, 2010

      Upcoming Arizona Relay For Life Events!

      Exciting Relays are taking place all over Arizona in the next several weeks and I'd like to invite you one to sign up online and join us.

      Sign up today for Relay For Life! It's more than just a fundraiser. It’s a life-changing experience. At Relay, every person in the community has a chance to celebrate, remember, and fight back.

      This weekend you can join in and be a part of the following Relays:
      The following weekend will be busy with 11 Relays including:
      You can always check the Relay For Life website to find a Relay near you.

      If you participated in Relay in the past, we truly value your support of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life and would be honored to have you back again this year. Everyone that comes back for another year of Relay helps make our fight against cancer even stronger, helping us raise funds and awareness to save lives in our community and around the world

      Friday, April 2, 2010

      Don't Forget Your Relay Day Checklist

      Hello Arizona Relay Participants! All of your hard work is about to pay off as you prepare for a great night of celebrating survivorship and fighting cancer.

      I wanted to share this quick list of things that all Teams should have handy to make sure you come to your Relay For Life event prepared! Also, as a reminder - make sure to grab all of your Relay materials, luminaria bags, registration fees, etc and DOUBLE CHECK your event's registration and ceremony times. You'll want to allow yourself time to set up your campsite so you can enjoy the ceremonies.

      • Tent(s) for your campsite
      • Proper clothing (extra clothing) for weather
        - Ponchos
        - jackets, sweats, coats
        - t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops
      • Pillows & sleeping bags
      • Campsite decorations
      • Team Banner (if your event has a Banner competition)
      • Costumes
      • Supplies needed for your On-Site Fundraiser
      • Wagon or Dolly (something to help you haul all of your supplies to and from your campsite.
      • Money!!
      • Walking/Running shoes
      • Folding Chairs/Tables
      • Stick Lighters (to help light luminaria bags)
      • Scissors/pocketknife/hammer/tools for random tasks
      • Campsite Map (provided by committee)
      • Activity Schedule
      • Your Team!
      If you haven't signed up yet and would like to join us at Relay, please find a Relay near you and register for an event to remember!

      Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters! Let's make this our best Relay season and check back daily for Relay tips and tidbits! Good luck!

      Luminaria and Relay For Life

      Luminaria sales are a very effective way to fundraise for your Relay event. The Luminaria Ceremony is one of the most memorable aspects of the Relay experience; a time to honor cancer survivors and a time to remember those we have lost.

      Work with your event’s Luminaria subcommittee to encourage committee members and teams to promote luminaria donations. Some events ask for a minimum donation, and others leave the amount up to the donor. The Luminaria subcommittee decides what is best for your local community.

      For additional information on the Luminaria Ceremony or fundraising through luminaria, please refer to the Fundraising Development Guidebook in the Committee Chair Tools section on RelayForLife.org. You can also find helpful information and tips from other Relayers in the Luminaria Forum as well as the Fundraising Forum.

      Remember, you can continue to sell luminaria after the ceremony is over. Many latecomers will appreciate the opportunity to remember and honor their loved one.

      Thanks for all you do for the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life!