Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Is Your Campsite Theme?

Now that you’re signed up for your local Relay For Life, you’ve gathered your friends and family to help raise money and walk, you just need to determine a fun team theme!

There is typically an overall theme for your Relay For Life event, and teams are encouraged to create a "team theme". While campsite themes are a fun part of the Relay For Life experience, participating is optional. All decorations must be safe and need to fit within your allotted campsite area. In addition, they must be set up and removed by your team. Remember not leave behind any items that you have brought in to decorate your site.

Here are a few ideas for themes and make sure to check out the Team Captain Toolkit for a complete list of suggestions!

  • Survivor Theme: Dedicate your site to a survivor, with their picture and favorite things as your logo.
  • Take Me out to the Ballgame: Each team could dress up as a Major League Baseball team.
  • Aloha Theme: Palm trees, swimming pool.
  • Pick a state theme and do everything around that – here are some examples:
  • -- California – Build your theme around San Francisco (Cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge) or Hollywood (movie stuff), etc.
    -- Kansas – Do a Wizard of Oz theme!!! Have a Dorothy on your team, a Toto, and so on!
    -- Louisiana – Build your team theme around the Mardi Gras! And New Orleans – Pass out beads on the track each lap, and so on!
  • Viking Ship theme: Dress with blond braids, horned hat, breastplates. Finally a chance to be a Viking king or queen!

  • Each Relay is different and unique, so make yours fun and have a wonderful time! THANK YOU to everyone for all of your support and good luck with your events!

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