Relay For Life

Survivors and Caregivers Celebrated at Relay (3/23)
Survivors are the reason we Relay. A survivor is anyone who has ever heard the words “You have cancer.” And we invite all cancer survivors in the community to attend Relay For Life. Our goal is to create a world where more people survive cancer – so they can celebrate another birthday. This year more than 11 million people will be able to do that thanks to the support of millions of dedicated Relay participants.

There's Still Time! (3/22)
In just a few weeks, our Arizona communities will come together for their American Cancer Society Relay For Life events. If you’ve never experienced Relay before, get ready for a life-changing event where we CELEBRATE the lives of those who have battled cancer, REMEMBER loved ones lost to the disease, and express our commitment to FIGHT BACK until cancer no longer affects us or those we love.

A Night to Remember (3/19)
Your success as a volunteer fundraiser for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life is nothing short of remarkable. In the midst of challenging economic times, more than 3.5 million of you in 5,000 communities across the country raised more than $409 million last year through Relay For Life. You are defying the odds, and together we are saving lives.

Relay For Life e-Community Forum (3/17)
On the Relay For Life website, there is a great Relay Community Forum tool that helps you to communicate and share with volunteers across the Relay nation. You can ask questions, share your photos, ideas, stories and more. The forum topics are organized in alphabetical order making it easy for you to find information or post questions on a specific topic.

Fundraising at Your Relay Event (3/11)
At Relay, teams can raise money at their campsite. The idea is to create a game/activity or have something donated and then team members promote your on-site activity to raise more money for your team. Be creative and play off your team theme! At some Relay events, these on-site activities are included in the program book so make sure to share ideas at your team meeting!

Online Resources For Your Relay For Life (3/10)
The Relay For Life website contains several resources for helping you manage and execute your Relay event. There is a special section in the Training and Resources area called Online Resources. Here you will find videos that walk you through a variety of steps including how to...

Making the "Ask" for Relay Sponsorship (3/9)
There are many factors that will contribute to your Relay’s success when approaching a potential sponsor. The first is finding the right person to make the ask! When looking for a committee member to ask local businesses for participation in your event’s sponsorship program, identify a volunteer who:
  • Has good contacts
  • Is willing to make the call
  • Understands your program

New Relay For Life Social Media Application (3/8)
Now you can gain access to Relay For Life updates, cancer in the news, and other information from the American Cancer Society...right from your desktop! The "Relay For Life PAL" allows you to integrate your social networking sites. You won't need to log into all of your accounts anymore – and you will no longer have to search the headlines for the latest info – its all delivered to you by your Relay For Life widget.

Get Creative (And Social) With Your Relay (3/5)
It’s never been easier to get creative and social with your American Cancer Society Relay For Life! People are connected more than ever before, with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace linking us across the “virtual” world. You can now use your networks to get the word out about your participation in Relay For Life!

10 Easy Ways to Raise $250 (3/4)
From top Relay For Life teams across the country, we have learned that you can make virtually any type of fundraiser successful by applying the following strategies:
-Understand your community and try to identify something might be of value/interest to them.
-Publicize fundraisers heavily
- the more people who are aware, the greater the likelihood of success
-Undertake your fundraiser with great enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm is contagious!!

Relay For Life Podcasts (3/3)
The American Cancer Society has published a Relay For Life podcast that is available on the RelayForLife website and on iTunes. This is a great way for team captains, team members, and volunteers to find interviews, tutorials, trainings, and discussions on Relay For Life that can help you plan and execute your Relay fundraising events.

Birthday CakeUse the ABCs of Fundraising (3/2)
Good news Relayers! A document has been added to the Relay For Life website that will help teams come up with ideas for pre-Relay event fundraisers. The ABC’s of Fundraising can be found in the Relay Library as well as the Team Captain Toolkit.

Relay Team CaptainRelay Team Captain Tip: Letter Writing (3/1)
As a team captain, your job is to build your team, motivate and coach them to participate and raise funds to make your Relay event a success.You’ll want to set a team fundraising goal of at least $100/person or $1000 for the team. Four to six weeks before your Relay event, make sure to put aside some time for letter writing – and remind your team to do this as well.

It's All Because of You... (2/25)
Thank you Relayers! Because of you, the fight against cancer is stronger than ever. Last year you were among the 3.5 million people who came together across the country through Relay and helped raise more than $409 million to save lives. We’re confident that, in spite of difficult economic times, we can top those numbers this year and continue working together to help people stay well and get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back against cancer.

Relay Tip: Double Donations With Matching Gifts (2/24)
You’ve found your nearest Relay For Life event and signed up, right? So let’s share some fundraising tips and work together to make sure it’s a successful Relay. Matching gifts are an easy way to double the dollars you raise to support the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

Help Save Lives (2/23)
When you get involved with the American Cancer Society Relay For Life®, you help save lives! Cancer has affected nearly all of us in some way, either personally or through the struggle of a loved one. We appreciate the time and energy you give to help us keep fighting back so we can create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Be a Relay For Life Committee Member! (2/22)
By taking part in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, you join a worldwide movement that brings together millions of people for a single purpose – to help eliminate cancer. Relay events give everyone a chance to celebrate people who have been touched by cancer, remember loved ones lost, and to fight back against a disease that takes too much.

Cancer Survivors Are Invited! (2/19)
Cancer survivors are invited to join Relay For Life and be a part of the cancer survivors’ lap, which opens every event. Cancer survivors walk the initial lap which symbolizes the courage that survivors and their families display and sustain in their lives. Relay For Life is a moving celebration of cancer survivorship.

So… What is Relay For Life Anyway? (2/17)
How Relay For Life started, what it is, as well as info and video about what happens at a typical Relay For Life event.