Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Relay For Life e-Community Forum

On the Relay For Life website, there is a great Relay Community Forum tool that helps you to communicate and share with volunteers across the Relay nation. You can ask questions, share your photos, ideas, stories and more. The forum topics are organized in alphabetical order making it easy for you to find information or post questions on a specific topic.

There are separate sections that include the following:

Relay eCommunity Forum - Here you can find posts about activities at different Relays, planning a fight back ceremony and even general "chit chat".

Site Feedback - You can be a part of the development of the Relay For Life eCommunity. Submit your feedback and tell us what you think- classify your comments according to content, navigation and design.

Special Relay Events - Under here you can find miscellaneous topics including a "Swap Shop" If your Relay has supplies, theme decorations, etc. that you aren't using anymore, and are willing to ship to another Relay...or if you're looking for stuff that other Relays might be able to share - here's the place to discuss.

You need to log in to post a new forum topic. A few tips when posting:
  • Give your post a very specific title like "What music should I use for survivor lap" or similar so people can recognize your question and respond quickly. You will be asked to choose from a drop down menu for which category your post belongs in. Again, be specific so you have a better chance of receiving feedback.
  • When you create a Forum topic, your topic shows up under the "Last Post" column on the right side under your the forum topic that you selected from the drop down menu.
  • You can always go back in to edit your post or delete it if needed. Create Forum Topics about issues, frustrations and suggestions and use your Relay blog to talk about Relay experiences, like a diary.

  • Good luck with your Relay and thank you for all you are doing to create a world with Less Cancer and More Birthdays!

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