Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Relay For Life Music

During Relay For Life events, you all do a great job of celebrating survivorship and the hope that one day cancer will be eliminated. You also remember loved ones lost to the disease while finding comfort and healing.

Both of these emotionally charged elements are visually symbolized through the Survivors Lap and Luminaria Ceremony. The Relay For Life website offers suggestions on the music you can use during these significant moments in your event.

Survivors Lap
Upbeat, energetic music plays loudly as survivors dance and celebrate their way around the track. Anyone who has ever heard the words “you have cancer” has the opportunity to celebrate their life and their survivorship at Relay.

Luminaria Ceremony
The Luminaria Ceremony is for remembrance and hope. It symbolizes a time to grieve for those we have lost, to reflect on our own cancer experience or that of those closest to us, and to find hope that tomorrow holds the promise of a cancer-free world. There should be no music or speakers during the first half of this lap. As walkers reach the halfway point, it is recommended that a poem is read. After the poem, a song selection is suggested.

Check out all of the Relay For Life Ceremony Music Suggestions and good luck with your event!

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